1st Workshop on Connecting Education and Research Communities for an Innovative Resource Aware Society

Novi Sad, Serbia, September 2nd 2021.

CERCIRAS Workshop originates from CERCIRAS Cost Action CA19135 whose primary goal is to spread resource awareness. The workshop aims to provide a forum for presentation, discussion and dissemination of the scientific findings and their application in the area of resource aware computing, and the establishment and improvement of interaction and cooperation between scientists and practitioners from all related sectors and domains. CERCIRAS workshop is organized within CERCIRAS Cost Action activities and colocated with the Action networking activities under CERCIRAs Open days.

The workshop welcomes  presentations on state of the art, early ideas, work in progress, preliminary results, case studies, industrial cases and open problems, but also mature results in the form of research results, reports or demonstration. Presentation topics might relate to any kind of resources (time, energy, space, data, effort, etc) and their usage in development and usage by systems in our environment. Presentations should refer to techniques involved in resource measurement, monitoring, controlling, and trade-offs including the full scope of techniques from background theory to application of innovative solutions in different domains. Finally, we welcome all aspects of mentioned techniques such as education, training, research and practice.


CERCIRAS Workshop will be physically located at University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia where we will be happy to welcome all participants available for travelling. Furthermore, having in mind the current situation related to COVID-19 we will organize virtual participation in all sessions.

Submission model

CERCIRAS Workshop follows a two steps submission model: (1) Abstract and (2) Short/full paper submissions. Authors submit abstracts for workshop presentation. If an abstract is selected for the presentation, authors are expected to present the proposed work in a workshop session. Afterwards, based on the presentation and corresponding discussion, authors extend the abstract and submit a short/full paper to be reviewed, If it is accepted it will be published in the CERCIRAS Workshop proceedings that will be published as a CEUR-WS online proceedings.

Abstract Submission

Presentations for CERCIRAS Workshop will be collected based on 1-page abstracts submitted electronically via the EasyChair submission system before the abstract submission deadline. The presentation abstract will be published at the workshop program page in the form of a book of abstracts.

  • In order to ensure a proper and fair review of the abstracts, we encourage authors to submit abstracts with clear insights and background of the work, together with some complementing material (if possible). Complementing material could include, for example, previously published papers or videos related to the abstract, to enrich the abstract submission. 
  • In order to evaluate the technical quality, the submitted abstract should contain a clear summary, the data used for experiments, the exploited methods and the achieved results.

Short/Full Paper Submission

CERCIRAS workshop proceedings will include papers selected based on post-workshop submissions of short/full papers and corresponding presentations. 

Short papers are classified as papers with minimum of 5 pages and maximum of 9 pages in length. Long or full papers are classified as papers with minimum of 10 pages long and maximum of 20 pages in length.

Submission guidelines

  • Templates: The abstract and short/full paper submissions can be made using the CEURART template at http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-XXX/index.html (please follow templates listed at Secsion 2: The New CEURART Style)
  • Submissions should be in English, carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling. Each submission should clearly indicate the nature of its technical/scientific contribution, the problems, domains or environments to which it is applicable.

Reviewing model

Following the submission model, reviewing will be organized in two steps. In the first step we evaluate abstracts submitted to be presented. In the second step papers submitted to be included in the proceedings will be reviewed. The submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts from the program committee and program chair. 

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline15.08.2021. 22.08.2021.
Abstract author notification20.08.2021. 27.08.2021.
Workshop presentations02.09.2021.
Short/full Paper submission deadline30.09.2021. 08.10.2021.
Author notification21.10.2021. 08.11.2021.
Camera ready submission deadline28.10.2021. 20.11.2021.
All dates are in AOE time









The workshop will be organized by the CERCIRAS team and hosted by University of Novi Sad. 

Program chair

Padma Iyenghar, University of Osnabrück, Germany

Gordana Rakić, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Program Committee
YasminaAbdeddaïmUniversité Gustave Eiffel , ESIEE Paris, France
AleksanderByrskiAGH University Science and Technology, Poland
Radu-IoanCiobanuUniversity Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
MarcusDenkerINRIA Lille, France
KerstinEderUniversity of Bristol, United Kingdom
RafalGraczykUniversity of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
DalvanGrieblerPontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Brazil
AttilaKerteszUniversity of Szeged, Hingary
PanagiotaNikolaouUniversity of Cyprus, Cyprus
ZoranPandilovSs. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, North Macedonia
PaoloPazzagliaUniversität des Saarlandes, Germany
RaduProdanUniversity of Klagenfurt, Austria
ValonRaçaUniversity of Prishtina, Kosovo*
PhilippeReiterimec-IDLab Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium
ChristineRochangeIRIT – Université de Toulouse, France
Bernardvan GastelOpen University of the Netherlands, Netherlands
MarkoVaneekelenOpen University of the Netherlands, Netherlands

*All references to Kosovo, whether the territory, institutions, or population, in this text, shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.