WG5 – Outreach and External Relations

T5.1. Industrial liaison: The Action will hold: a) technical days to disseminate results and to foster specific collaborations; and ii) informal workshops, at the end of the Action’s lifetime, to capture how the industry interprets and ranks the Action’s goals. CERCIRAS targets key industrial events e.g. Embedded World, HiPEAC, Artemis-IA, EDAA and BDVA events (to which the Action members already have links).

T5.2. Relations with other networks and communities: The Action will be made visible and attractive, in terms of thematic focus, membership, initiatives, achievements, etc. Targets include the networks and communities already created on all three fronts (research, education and industry) including relevant actors from all European regions. Furthermore, relevant H2020 CSAs, Erasmus+ partnerships and COST Activities will run in parallel with the Action to make connection between communities stronger according the general interests of European Society.

T5.3. Case studies and benchmarks: An important objective of the Working Group will be to identify a set of representative industrial case studies and benchmarks that can be openly used by researchers and practitioners. The involvement of the industrial experts in the Action will help achieve this goal. The Action will make these publicly available through a specific web site, and procedures will be put into place for the web site to outlive the Action (as described in Section 2).

T5.4. Impact on training and education: The expertise gathered in the Action will be used to reach out to students at all levels from undergraduate to PhD, as well as practitioners, to enable exchange of knowledge . This will afford them a rich, fresh, and authoritative exposure to education in resource awareness. CERCIRAS achieves this by creating a unique training material adaptive to trainees from different domains, sectors or regions, suitable for: a) organizing Training Schools; ii) organizing professional development programs; and iii) engaging other Higher-Education institutions/bodies to revise their curricula to systematically cover resource awareness and related disciplines.

In order to join the working group contact the WG leader via mail or join the corresponding Slack channel.