Previously published contributions track

Call for Presentations

CERCIRAS Cost Action is announcing a Call for Presentations on previously published research. We invite authors of contributions related to CERCIRAS goals, accepted for publication in Journals and Proceedings of top-rated international conferences within the Action Lifetime (not before October 2020) to submit an abstract and present their published results to the CERCIRAS Action Network of researchers and innovators.


Topics in line with CERCIRAS goals include, but are not limited to:

  • resources
    • measurement and estimation utilisation
    • trade-offs
  • resource-aware systems design and implementation
    • resource awareness in system design and implementation
    • systems design and implementation for resource management
  • tools supporting resource-aware designs and implementation
    • programming languages
    • virtual machines
    • system analyzers
    • resource awareness of technologies, tools, and techniques used in system development
  • resource-aware society
    • aligning incentives for resource awareness
    • evaluation of resource allocation within facilities, organizations, regions
  • economy and management in resource awareness
    • background techniques: mathematics, statistics, management
    • cost-benefit trade-off’s
    • application of background techniques resource-aware computing
    • business models in resource-aware systems
  • application of the above to other sectors and domains
  • education and training in all the above topics of interest


Authors of publications that meet the above criteria are invited to submit a proposal to CERCIRAS Closing Conference organizers by filling up the web form consisting of (1) paper title, (2) authors, (3) abstract, (4) a pointer to the original journal paper (DOI) or pre-print, and (5) an acknowledgement that the paper meets the mentioned criteria and to not break any intellectual property limitations related to the previous publication.


Authors will be invited to present their paper after checking that the submission meets the above criteria. Having the submissions already reviewed and accepted by the peers, they will not be reviewed again for technical content. We will tend to include in the program as many previously published contributions as possible; only in case an exceptionally high number of proposals is received, we will be forced to make a selection based on the quality and significance criteria.

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission: June 1, 2024
  • Author Notification and Invitations: June 10, 2024
  • CERCIRAS Closing Conference: July 2-5, 2024