WG2. Analysing trade-offs based on individual resource analysis

T2.1. Trade-off identification: It is important to make trade-offs explicit by identifying the resources that compete against each other and by characterizing how this competition impacts system behaviour and properties. CERCIRAS focuses on the implicit trade-offs that lead to suboptimal results if not considered properly, e.g., the trade-off between precision of a timing or energy analysis versus development time, which will often lead to either imprecise results or delayed system release.

T2.2. Formal definition of trade-offs: CERCIRAS will examine commonalities between trade-offs to devise a formal concept of trade-offs that can replace the otherwise mostly intuitive notion. A formal definition will enable correct reasoning/discussion of trade-offs, and thus also better exploitation.

T2.3. General techniques for trade-off identification: The Action will research and develop general techniques to identify trade-offs within the development process and at system run-time. General techniques are required in order to capture novel resource types and trade-offs that have not yet been identified, in a systematic and rigorous way.

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