Maribor Transportation and Accommodation

Transportation and Accommodation

Transportation in Maribor

Driving in Maribor

By car, you can travel to the region of Maribor:

  • from the direction of Ljubljana on the A1/E57
  • from the direction of Graz on the A9/E57/E59
  • from the direction of Zagreb on the E59
  • from the direction of Budapest on the E59/E65/E71/M7
  • from the direction of Trieste on the E57/E70
  • from the direction of Klagenfurt on the road B80/B70
  • from the direction of Villach on the B80/B70/E66/B83

Additional information for drivers in Slovenia ⚠️:

  • For motorways, a vignette is mandatory (weekly vignette – 15 €, sold at every gas station),
  • seat belt use is compulsory in all seats where they are installed,
  • use of dipped headlights is compulsory at all times of day and night,
  • use of fog lamps is permitted only when visibility is reduced to less than 50 meters.
  • obligatory equipment includes a warning triangle, a spare set of lights, a first aid kit, and a reflective vest,
  • the maximum permitted blood-alcohol level for drivers is 0.05 percent, on the condition that no ability is impaired. The police may therefore prohibit you from driving even if the alcohol test shows a lower level. They are especially strict with younger drivers. Alcohol tests for drivers are frequent, and the penalties are very high, so it is not worth the risk if you have drunk too much.

Parking in Maribor

Maribor in the city is mostly not free. You can pay the parking fees by using the Easypark mobile phone application and there is also always a parking machine nearby where you can pay with cash. The parking fees in Maribor range from 0,4€ – 1,5€ /h and parking is paid from Monday to Friday (exact times are on the signs).

Rezultat iskanja slik za parkiranje mariborIf you see the following sign it means that parking is not free. Underneath it, there is almost always a sign that says how much the parking costs per hour and from which to which hours parking fees are collected.

Taxis in Maribor

Mobile phone applicationStarting feeWaiting hour €Price/km
🚕Taxi plus,2 €24,98 €1,39 €
☎️+386 2 2517 151
🚕Cammeo,85 €20 €1 €
☎️+386 2 707 1212
🚕Mikro taxi??1 €
☎️+386 41 444 222

Buses in Maribor

One ride costs 2 € if the ticket is bought by the driver and 0,8 € if the ticket is bought at the newsstand. Since bus services are integrated with Google Maps it is best if you use the planner available on the Google Maps website ( or just use the app on your phone (Android or iOS). The timetables are also available on the local bus company website ( but they are not translated into the English language.

Accommodation in Maribor

There are several hotels and apartments in Maribor to choose from, some of them are listed below: 

Hotel🏨StarsPrice (from)Walking distance🚶Bus lines🚌
HOTEL PIRAMIDA ⭐⭐⭐⭐85 €1500 m3
HOTEL LENT⭐⭐⭐100 €700 m /
HOTEL MARIBOR⭐⭐⭐⭐90 €500 m/
HOTEL CITY MARIBOR⭐⭐⭐⭐120 €1000 m3, 5, 7
S HOTEL⭐⭐⭐50 €100 m/
HOTEL HABAKUK⭐⭐⭐⭐140 €6 km6
HOTEL ARENA⭐⭐⭐⭐110 €6 km6
HOTEL BETNAVA⭐⭐⭐⭐100 €4 km21

You can book your room directly from the hotel or at