Working Groups

Working groups and leadership

  1. WG 1 – Identifying costs associated with resources is led by Prof Sebastian Altmeyer and Padma Iyenghar
  2. WG 2 – Analysing trade-offs based on individual resource analysis is led by Dr Konstantinos Bletsas
  3. WG 3 – Exploiting resource trade-offs is led byProf Marcus Völp
  4. WG 4 – Knowledge and technology transfer is led by Dr Paweł Czarnul
  5. WG 5 – Outreach and External Relations is led by Prof João Paulo Fernandes

In order to join a specific working group contact the WG leader via mail or join the corresponding Slack channel and Apply officially at e-cost.

t is required to have an e-COST profile to submit your application. If needed, create it first and then Apply.