WG3 – Exploiting resource trade-offs

T3.1. Incorporating design-time advice: CERCIRAS will identify and understand current and novel approaches for the design-time exploration of trade-offs, considering overall system requirements and its potential dynamic behaviour. This involves identifying contexts for static resource access models and static resource access criteria, to achieve predictable and efficient resource access, as well as exploring hardware-architecture support for resource trade-offs.

T3.2. Runtime management: Analogously, CERCIRAS will identify and understand current and new approaches for run-time management of resources, considering both guaranteed levels of resources as well as best-effort approaches, including software and hardware mechanisms. CERCIRAS will also study mixed-criticality access models to provide asymmetric resource guarantees.

T3.3. Multi-objective resource allocation evaluation metrics: CERCIRAS will identify resource allocation approaches are suitable for optimisation with respect to multi-objective utility metrics. Examples are, e.g., scalability towards a high number of users and efficiency for a low number of users. CERCIRAS will develop hybrid resource allocation strategies consisting of different allocation strategies enabling adaptation to multiple resource allocation evaluation metrics.

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