Benchmark collection

The aim of the collection is to make it easy for researchers to start working with resource-aware aspects of existing domains, by providing them with structured access to existing benchmark suites. Several of you already use or have constructed specific benchmark suites for research in reducing or identifying resource consumption in different domains. We would like to promote resource-oriented benchmark suites and make them accessible to other researchers

What is the name of the benchmark suite?
What type of resource or cost has the benchmark been testing? Please provide at least one and perhaps more resources.
Please provide a link to the benchmark suite
What is the domain(s) of the benchmark suite? Please select at least one and perhaps more domains.
What is the context of the benchmark suite? Please provide a description of it.
How many files are in the benchmark suite?
You can explain if needed.


For each resource please provide example references (DOI, link, text) to publications where the benchmark suite has been used. In case of listing more than one reference per field please separate them by multiple line breaks.
For help, please consult: and
How to reference the benchmark suite? Perhaps a link to the official text on how to reference the benchmark suite.