WG1. Identifying costs associated with resources

T1.1. Cost assignment for use cases: For the different use cases/application scenarios covered by CERCIRAS, the relevant types of costs associated with each resource type will be identified, ranked by importance, and quantified where applicable (e.g. energy consumption might be negligible for stationary sensors connected to the power grid, but is critical for mobile or battery-powered sensors).

T1.2. Generalizing cost assignment techniques: A logical extension of T1.1 is to aim for general techniques to assign costs to the usage of resources in arbitrary use cases. These techniques must be complete (i.e., capable of assigning costs to all relevant resources) and consistent.

T1.3. Validation of cost models: CERCIRAS will analyse and compare different cost models for resources. To this end, the Action aims to collect a list of models that are validated on real systems and make them available to a wider research community and to industry.

Deliverables cut across the WGs, consolidating their findings and aligned to project milestones.

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