Instructions for Using CERCIRAS Web Applications and Services


Your CERCIRAS account has already been created for you and linked to your email address. In order to login to any web application or service, you should enter your email address and the password that you will be setting up in the next sections.

Available Applications and Services

So far, there are two services available, that you can access using your CERCIRAS account. These services can be utilized through their respective web applications, or by using desktop or mobile applications described below.

Cloud services available on encompass, among other features, cloud file hosting and sharing, calendar and contact management. This is provided through a self hosted ownCloud instance. There are also desktop ( and mobile ( applications available for most platforms.

Git repository hosting is available on through self hosted GitLab instance. The repositories can be used through your favorite git client. In addition the web application also provides wiki and issue tracking.

First Login

Before using any web applications or services you must first set up a password for your account. The password can be setup through a web application located at The same web application can be later used to change or reset your password. Although this web application should be intuitive to use, the following section provides a step by step guide showing how to setup or change a CERCIRAS account password.

Password reset by email

The password for a CERCIRAS account can be reset in two phases: first by requesting a reset token, and then by opening it and entering a new password.

The first phase consists of 4 steps listed below and illustrated on figure 1:

  1. Enter in your browser
  2. Click on Email in the top menu
  3. Enter your email address in the field
  4. Click the Send button
Figure 1: Requesting a password reset token

After this procedure, you should receive an email, similar to the one shown on figure 2, containing the reset token as a link. You should open the supplied link to finish setting up the password.

Figure 2: Email containing a password reset token

By opening the link in your browser, you should be taken to a page shown on figure 3. On this page you should complete the second phase of setting the password, that consists of the following two steps:

  1. Enter the desired password
  2. Click the Send button

The rules for accepted passwords are given in the next section.

Figure 3: Page for setting the password

After finishing the second phase, you should receive an email, similar to the one shown on figure 4, informing you that the password was successfully changed.

Figure 4: Email confirming the password change

Password requirements

The only requirement placed on a password for CERCIRAS account is that it is between 10 and 30 characters long. All upper case and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols are permitted, but are not required. The only exceptions are asterisk *, ampersand &, vertical line |, and parenthesis ( ), that are not permitted in a password.