STSM Topic Proposal

Dear COST action partners and potential partners,

The CERCIRAS COST Action CA19135 invites researchers and innovators from academia and industry to join our effort to further develop our collaboration on knowledge and experience enlargement and transfer towards Connecting Education and Research Communities for an Innovative Resource Aware Society.

COST Actions support collaboration mobilities by Short Term Scientific Mission grants (STSM). Interested parties can be supported while exchange activities are being performed. Since we are interested in broadening our research and innovation topics, especially focusing on the connection of the needs and expectations from the industry, we invite you to suggest topics of interest in the field of resource awareness in a very broad sense (see CERCIRAS description).

Organization name including information about city and country
Description of the interested organization that provides general information to possible candidates, but also specific information related to proposed topic. May include web link to the organization form more information.
If you are an organization offering a topic to posible visitors, please provide a description of available infrastructure relevant for the visit. If you are offering a topic to possible host organization please describe expected infrastructure relevant for the potential visit.
Please provide a general or a specific title for the proposed collaboration topic.
Please secect all elligible options. Thanks!
Desired minimum/expected competence level of the candidate/organization
If relevant, please provide a suggested/earliest begin date, or provide any relevant information regarding the activity start.
Duration in days, weeks, etc.