STSM: Short Term Scientific Mission

STSM (short for: Short Term Scientific Mission) is one of the possibilities that the COST action (in this case CERCIRAS) offers to you. It is meant to conduct short research visits to an organization (academic and industry!) almost anywhere in the world.

Although the name might be a bit intimidating, in fact, it might be the least complicated way for you, to pay or receive visits and fulfill your goals and ideas. Also, it is among the most liberal in defining your goals.

Your goals can be: to exchange experiences in a certain topic, start a scientific collaboration, join an existing community/network of your interests, start a new community/network, presenting yourself to a chosen institution/group of people in order to do so, to learn something that is not available in your own institution… and thus to contribute to the scientific goals of the COST action. You can even organize visits in a period when the host organization organizes some event (workshop, conference, …) that is of interest to you and to the COST action.

Although pretty liberal, your application for STSM must follow some rules and recommendations. For details, see

For additional questions, please ask our STSM coordinator: .

Useful pages / final remarks:

It is assumed that you are a member of CERCIRAS to use our STSM. How to join: (do not be afraid, it is a simple procedure).

The website of the CERCIRAS, where you can find its scope and working groups.

After the visit, you are expected to provide some material that will be published on social networks by us. So, take some interesting pictures that will accompany your short story.

If you are a potential visitor or host organization but do not have any particular organization/person in mind, you can state your goals and ideas using this form: The list will be regularly published on social networks.    

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